Rosati's     Rewards    Loyalty   
Over the Past few years, we have had requests for new menu items, take and bake pizzas, online ordering and a rewards program. 

Well, that has come and we have rolled out an excellent program dedicated for Rosati's Pizza Lovers!

Within this free program, there are no cards issued and you will have online access from your home or work computer. The program is tracked by your telephone number integrated by our top of the line computer system. This system is so good, it can track multiple phone numbers and it will tie it to YOUR account. So when the kids order from their cell phone, home telephone, or work phone we will have you covered in all aspects!

This is a "special" VIP program and you will receive extra discounts, holiday offers, birthdays offers and more....

Please give it a try, and you can opt out at anytime.

In addition for signing up today, you will receive a SPECIAL offer immediately!

Please direct any questions, comments, or concerns at any time to:

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